It's been a long time... I shouldn't have left you.

August 7th

So, where are we now? We're further down the line and life is looking good!

On Your Marks, Get Ready...Southampton.

July 19nd

Earlier this week we saw the start of what we can hope will be a prosperous evening at The Alex in Southampton...

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.

July 15nd

Where have we been for four days?...

Comedy Ahoy.

July 2nd

If this was international juggling day I'd tell you about all my juggling, but it's not. ...


June 28th

Did you hear that? That was us - going off with a BANG! ...

Tonight Tonight.

June 27th

As the famous Billy Corgan said, Tonight Tonight! Yes, that's right it's all going off tonight...

Exciting Exciting.

June 25th

So, it's 2 days until we will be presenting Reading with some of the finest new comedians from South England and Wales...

Oooh Yeah, Comedy Blogedy.

June 22nd

Hi pups,

We're all over Comedy Blogedy...